How do you “do work”?

how do you do work

Good morning, all.

Money is required to live.

We need a roof over our head. We need food to eat. We need healthcare, although many of us, myself included, don’t treat that as a need and forgo treatment.

Many of us have a job at which we work full-time that covers our basic expenses and provides medical insurance that makes it easier to pay for healthcare services.

Some of us have a spouse who does the above, and rely on that person as the primary source of income.

Increasingly, the concept of “work” is becoming more of a patchwork thing.

It’s common for people to have two, three, four or more temporary, part-time, or freelance jobs at a time, none providing medical coverage.

I see more people than ever today involved in multi-level marketing, selling leggings or makeup or credit repair services and recruiting others to do the same.

I want to have a conversation about what we do to earn the money we require to live. I’m going to talk more later, but I want to get this post out there while it’s still early so that we can get the ball rolling.

Please share in the comments about what your situation looks like. I’m hoping that if a bunch of us do so, we can generate an exchange of ideas that will benefit us all.





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